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The new value of a BROWNING BLR 308 rifle has risen $102. 4 Image (s) Browning BLR 243 first model machined steel receiver! This is an early Browning BLR in the harder to find 243 Winchester. If you are new to the site and would like to make a purchase, please "Create an account" from the link below. 45. 6 inches. 308 was the first centerfire I hunted with. The only reason I picked it was the gas system soaks up prob 20-30% of the felt recoil and you are covered from elk on down to whatever. If you don't find what your are searching for. 358 others so I haven't gone for another Henry but the Henry 6. But there are several major differences in this modern iteration The "new model" with aluminum receiver is now a 22 year old model and is considered the top of the lever action rifle pile. Very rare to find those before 1969. One of the most recent entries to the new-and-improved market is the Browning Citori Model 725, released to the public last year as the latest in a long line of innovative over-and-under And if you’re in the market for the best . It is the Lightweight '81 Lever Action 20" Blued Barrel version. 22-250 Rem (NGZ903) New Price $969. Also like Nate sez, it's hard to beat the old . 25 used . Browning BLR Lightweight. Included iron sights offer a truly classic experience, but this rifle is also tapped for a scope. Val also wanted a cheaper over/under, replacing the Superposed with a gun more appealing to a mass market. I was trying to decide what to use for bear this season. 5-2" average at 100 yds with factory ammo in different calibers. A BLR in . Winchester, CVA, Henry, Ruger, and Thompson Center all make . It chambers a . 308 vs Browning BLR . It’s a carbine length lever-action is built with an aluminium alloy stock, 20-inch barrel, rotary bolt locking system and a detachable 4 round box magazine which drops free when you press the release. Made in Japan from 1973 to present. Browning 12 GA Shotgun - Browning Belgium A-5 12ga #4m6xxxx 26" 2-3/4 I/C plain barrel made in 1964 standard weight model (Full Details) Price: $1,195. , the lever features a pivot that can easily be felt when the action is cycled. I used to sight in guns about 15 years ago when I worked for Bass Pro Shops. Restricted items such as guns and ammo are not  24 ก. 2557 Today's Gun Fight is a battle of Browning rifles with initials for names. The Marlin Model 1895 is offered in both . It has the special ability to resist browning after being cut (Figure 1), which protects its flavor and nutritional value. It was a popular seller for several years because of its small size, reliability Bolt guns are far more accurate and tuneable. The used value of a BROWNING BLR 308 rifle has risen $19. 300 Win Mag Sniper rifle on the market, that isn’t also a custom production. Reassembly is in reverse order and takes only seconds. Browning BLR. Scope is not included, Rifle only asking $850 cash. I'll admit the new Invest in their future! Ensure that you child's new Browning grows with them. 37 new and $1,323. Notify Me When Available. Bluing. K=BLR Lever Action Rifle. $999. Browning Belgium Rifles – Medallion, Olympian Grade, 300 Win Mag, 338 Win Mag, 308 Winchester, Grade V, 30-06, 270, Belgium BLR in 308 and Long Ranger in 243. 5 inch chamber, 28 inch long barrel and a total length of 49. If I remember, accuracy was usually 1. Browning 525 LIGHT WEIGHT GAME 12 Bore/gauge Over and Under for sale in North Yorkshire, North East Old Pellets vs. BROWNING SERIALIZATION 1975 TO CURRENT: In 1975 Browning began using the two (2) letter code system (located in the middle of the serial number) for determining the year of manufacture. $1,425. 308 Win. 3x62 from Tradeex Canada for $795. Browning Introduced the "New" Model 81 BLR. i dont own either of them but based on what ive  The Browning BLR lightweight the basics with a rifle got the Browning lever action its a real old th read more. 00 what I want is wood stock with blued barrel I have been reading up on both rifles I'm kinds leaning toward the winchester but wanted some opions of some of you guys that may own or have Savage 99 or Browning BLR. 243 Winchester, . 9 9. This product has an average rating of 5 stars out of 5 stars from 1 ratings. 62 Nato : Shotguns: BPS Pump : Automatic Five (A-5) B-2000 Semi-Automatic : B-80 Semi-Automatic : BT Single Barrel Trap : Citori Over-Under : Superposed: BSS Double : Leige Over-Under by Allison Baker figures by Lillian Horin The Arctic apple is the juiciest newcomer to produce aisles. Remington 760/7600 . ) were both lightweights at six pound or just under, but my favorite and most carried has been my old The Browning BAR Mark II Safari is available in 25-06, 7mm Remington Magnum, 300 Winchester Magnum, and 338 Winchester Magnum with a 24″ barrel; 243 Winchester, 270 Winchester, 308 Winchester, and 30-06 with a 22″ barrel. 380acp, 7. Miroku made the A-5 until 1999. Cairns Shooters Supplies - Used Rifles for Sale. Illustration courtesy of Browning. 3 lbs, with a 3. 2553 Browning BLR I am hoping to get some feedback on these two rifles from how many new bullet designs have come and gone over the years? Browning BLR tracker. 30-06, 45 raptor Browning 035200282 X-Bolt Medallion Bolt 6. 09 . The 12 month average price is $1,941. . We liked this rifle and its new cartridge. Finally, there is a Grade II rifle with a longer 24-inch octagon barrel with all the trimmings. Posts: 64 Marlin . 00: Browning Rifle - Browning Safari 30/06 #6L3xxxx 22. But none of come close to the precisely made Browning BAR Mark II Safari Rifle. 308 and so does the Browning BLR. woods which is close shots. 308 single shot rifles. For those who don't like the notion of plastic-stocked autoloaders that have a retail price of over $1700 (most everyone! The . It starts with a new satin finished walnut stock, a matte blued barrel with a ventilated rib, as you would expect from a Browning. Today’s Gun Fight is a battle of Browning rifles with initials for names. A word of advice to anyone who shoots old Browning A-5 or Remington Model 11, etc. It has a detachable box magazine and high-pressure chamber, which allows you to shoot advanced ammunition. Salt wood problems are a huge issue too, but they really only fall in the 1966-1974ish period (small trigger gaurd tang and flat pistol grip knob). No it is a old Gun used in the world war 2. Discussion in 'Browning BLR Rifle' started by cal44, Aug 29, 2014. In 2003, Browning produces New Lightweight BLR '81 - straight pistol grip brought back In 2004, a limited run of straight-gripped Stainless BLRs with a grey laminate stock are produced. I've heard BLR's are nice guns, but if I were to buy a lever action brush gun it would be a Marlin Guide Gun in . The front sight is fixed but the rear sight is adjustable. Do all current BLR have Aluminum receivers? BLR rifles utilize a geared lever and bolt design that accommodates modern high-pressure rounds. It’s number one on my list because it’s the first modern lever-action rifle I ever fired and I was more than a little impressed by its performance. Browning and bluing are terms used to describe any of several chemical treatments of metals that are essentially controlled rusting processes. Browning BLR Lightweight ’81. 243, . I've probably read the same write ups as everyone else saying they have a heavy trigger BUT the same two guys above never mentioned issues. Individually finished with a hand-reamed chamber for tighter tolerances and more precise headspace Whether old or new, the BLR has several features that set it apart from most other lever-action designs. That gun became the Citori, and is still a Browning mainstay. The detachable 4 round magazines make this rifle even more useful in the field. Really nice and shoots factory Hornady 117 gr well, I hunted this past season with it. Last edited: Jan 20, 2020. The BLR is more standard shape and feel of the butt stock and foregrip. 3) Find a Browning BLR in 325 WSM, 358 Win or 450 Marlin. Browning BL-22 FLD 22 Cal Lever-Action Rifle. Man I got sick of lugging that rifle around as a teen but when it came time to shoot, that weight sure made it sweet on the shoulder. PRE 1975 SERIALIZATION: While I don't expect 1/2" MOA accuracy with a Browning BAR semi-auto rifle, I was wondering if anybody has any experience with it out of the box and can tell me if they think a rebarrel would have potential for tight accuracy. There was a tactical BLR Black Label with a Monte Carlo stock with 16- or 18-inch Takedown barrels; and a BLR/BL-22 “Father & Son Combo” that we missed out on a couple of years ago. Just an interesting point highlighting some of the crap we have in our gun laws, mentioned to me by a fellow shooter. The demand of new BROWNING BLR 308 rifle's has risen 8 units over the past 12 months. 308 Browning BLR which I had on layaway. Last season I shot at 7 deer and hit all 7 and only begged 2. This week I put a new scope and some Leupold mounts on it for him. I'm narrowed it down to either a Marlin 45-70 or a Browning BLR 30. - Winchester Model 101 was nice, but also more expensive than the used Browning - Stevens 555 was way too light, I think it would be a bit punishing to use (I'm only 5'9" and 160lbs) - They did not have a CZ to try out - A new Browning Citori felt the best. 25 pounds) making for a great aid and easy to carry around on hunting grounds. There's also a auto 5 sweet sixteen. In 2006 it returned to production, and the company is still bringing out new versions. 358 Winchester, . Announced in 1993, this Mark II design uses a new gas system, with newly designed buffering system to improve reliability. From the rosewood pistol grip, AAA maple stock and satin, nickel finish receiver, the gun is a sight to behold. Before coming out with the A-Bolt. First introduced by Browning in 1967. Unlike most lever action centerfire rifles, the BLR uses a detachable, four-round magazine, making it compatible with pointed bullets, which have a higher ballistic coefficient and shoot flatter. It has a high grade walnut, Monte-carlo stock, bedding block, 9 lug, fluted bolt, floated 24" barrel, deep blue steel, detachable mag that also swings on the floor plate, adjustable trigger. 250 Savage. 300 WSM. Although the new Long Ranger is not a clone of an existing platform, it seems more than likely that Browning’s BLR Lightweight '81 lever-action was at the very least inspirational, if not The lone exception I am aware of is Browning’s long-action BLR, chambered in cartridges up to . At the start of WWII production moved to Remington in the United States until FN could resume production after the war, actually 1952. Looking quite different the re-vamped gun was back in 2006 with a new 10-shot double helix magazine in 22 Long Rifle. For anyone who likes lever gun hunting and who's probable likelihood of seeing game at less than 150 yards, then don't discount the ability of 35 rem, if you just prefer 308, then consider the Browning BLR lever action, it comes in 308 and wide range of calibers beyond if you like. The BBR is built much like a Weatherby MK-V. The BLR is the only lever action which handles the 7mm Rem. In 1959 the standard Safari calibers were built on the large ring Mauser actions. #1. This model year, prices go from $580 to $980 for the top of the line Grade II octagon barreled rifle. 270, . If you look for them New England Firearm’s . Long Action. พ. Ruger American . During one legendary engagement, Sergeant Alvin York (Medal of Honor recipient) used a M1911 to stop an attack by six German soldiers, killing six with six shots from his . I know this has been beaten to death all over the web but needed to ask. 243. 2 Conclusion. ) The BLR was a totally new  aww, who would have known that mr. It seems like the entire world has gone tactical, and the last gun you might have expected to make the transition was Browning’s BLR. Browning X-Bolt Hells Canyon Speed 300 Win Mag Bolt-Action Rifle with A-TACS AU Camo Stock. A precision bolt-action rifle that is designed for both the field and the range, the Pro McMillan is loaded with features. PLS4541, 45/70hunter and Oldwolf like this. 5/8" difference in length of pull is a lot and made worse with this extra length of BLR sometimes causing rubber recoil pad to catch on clothing when shouldering it. In January 2015, the Base Lending Rate (BLR) structure was replaced with a new Base Rate (BR) system. My rifle is very accurate and has been reliable. like new, Item Description: Browning blr in 243 wood stock with see thru mounts and older model scope  Browning BLR Lightweight Rifle -With a timeless beauty that's more than skin Notch Rear and gal. I HATED BLR's because of the HORRIBLE trigger pull. Serial Number. Weighing in at 7. Contents [ show] Top 9 Best Lever Action Rifles Reviews. The Safari Grade was the first of the line in 1959. but, darn, they are long with that action! Ok, now my go to rifle for NY : Savage 99 in . I'm looking to get a new rifle for bear hunting in Massachusetts and something I can use in the brush in other New England states. Thread Starter . usually able to source most shooters requirements. 308 cartridge will allow you to reach pretty far out there. 257 Roberts . 46 . Improved version of BAR. cal44. 308, . 358 Winchester to hunt native deer in his home state of Louisiana. I suspect the older one will feel very similar. I have an uncle with two 99's, one 99f in 243 and the other in 308. I wanted to get input from people who hunt this area before I bought. Browning High Power rifles. 45-70's have been with us for well over 100 years, in one form or another, while the Browning BLR has been with us for only slightly more than 40 years and the . Remove from Compare. The Baby Browning finally made its way into the U. Would he stare with disgust at anything that  27 มิ. S. The Browing BLR combines all the great handling and fast firing of a lever, but reduces most of the negatives that usually come with one. They use the kinematic or "inertia The Browing BLR combines all the great handling and fast firing of a lever, but reduces most of the negatives that usually come with one. 308 WCF. Browning There’s no cartridge more attributed to busting big bucks than the . The "new" A5's share nothing except some styling cues, most prominently the squared off receiver. Reply Subscribe . I had been planning on buying a new XLR this year probably 45-70. 600 Mohawk or my newer Browning A- Bolt Micro Medallion Mtn. The BLR itself, and in . No, the new Browning ammunition line would carry newly developed, specially designed, projectiles in distinctive packaging—all the while benefiting from established quality control and hi guys/gals,i just recieved a browning model blr in . 30-06 made in 1981 i believe. For looks, it's hard to beat any Browning gun in this department. New Slugs. Introduced in 1969, the Browning Lever-Action Rifle (BLR) operates in a similar manner to the earlier Winchester Model 88: It uses a detachable box magazine in lieu of a tubular magazine and locks up by means of a rotating bolt head, much as a bolt-action rifle does. These are completely different "feeling" guns. 243 Winchester caliber. This gun was manufactured in 1937. 00. 5" barrel made in 1966 (Full Details) Price: $1,095. 338 win mag from a bolt action and it was pretty punishing but I knew I loved the caliber right away. Browning BLR Lightweight Stainless With Pistol Grip 22-250 Rem 20''BBL. They have friction rings which are added or removed depending on the type of shell used. It is the rifle that appears on the back of Guns and Shooting Online Tee shirts. Whether you’re looking for a Browning A5 for sale, or a Citori, or a Superposed, you’ll probably find it in our extensive collection of Browning shotguns for sale. k. 30-30 vs . The ’81 is outstanding among other types of models in the Browning BLR lightweight series. 243 WIN. The BLR is currently chambered to 17 cartridges, including four WSMs and two belted magnums. Of course, the classic form of the lever action is the tubular magazine, exposed hammer models from Marlin and Winchester. Silver Tip ammunition, although he felt they didn’t give him the results he anticipated. Slick as butter machined action, many very capable rounds to choose from, a scope mounts appropriately, and as accurate as any bolt gun I own (I guess Browning rifles--named after the company’s founder, legendary firearms designer John Moses Browning--are classics in the sporting arms field. 22LR. 338 Winchester Magnum-it’s a big action and thus a big rifle. 300 Win. The new Browning BLR would become quite popular over the years. It debuted in 1969 Browning BLR Lightweight Rifle - This is what a serious lever-action rifle should be, and what every other lever-action wishes it was. I’ve owned a Marlin 336 in the 35 caliber for 40 years and have downed every large game shot at. 76 new and $1,334. (1) Browning - X-Bolt Pro Long Range, 6. 4 Browning® BLR® Lightweight Lever-Action Rifle with Pistol-Grip Stock. The BLR was designed in part by Bruce Browning, John Browning’s grandson. belted My dad has a Browning BLR in . you gotta keep the action super clean or the  browning blr 243 magazine, browning blr lt wt 243. 22-250 was introduced. 30-06 to name a few calibers. 30-30 and . Thread Tools 06-03-2013, 05:17 PM #1 NSpeziale. 325 BLR. It is chambered for a variety of big calibers, including the . The barrel and action are forged steel whilst the trigger guard, trigger and related parts are alloy. Browning BLR 81 old vs new. Mags for the old ones can be hard to find. 2558 The LGS has an older BLR 358 with a steel receiver that I am drawn to and I am My new (to me) steel receivered rifle weighs 6. Browning's Auto-5 semi-automatic I have a complete set of Browning Blr from the 22 bl all the way to the 300 mag. 00 Browning Shotguns for Sale: Browning A5 for Sale & Other Models. I have a Browning BAR in . 99 $1,029. I love the Long Ranger, but I would definitely recommend going into a store and holding them. In 1975 Browning standardized its serial number identification which it followed until 1998. 257 Roberts. Now they have a straight grip and a pistol grip model with aluminum receivers. Call the guys at Midwest Gun Works, they do wonderful work. If the one you are looking at has original finish, and is unfooled with, and is a long tang round knob gun, then $900 is a VERY good deal. Very quick. I have multiple Hemry rimfire and the . I'd like to use it on an alaska moose hunt next year. The button-Rifled barrel is triple-checked for straightness and interior finish and then air-gauged to ensure a consistent diameter throughout the bore's length. Henry makes their Long Ranger available in . 410 GA Shotgun - Browning Citori white lightning 410 #RRJxxxxxxxxxxx 28" 3" barrel new unfired in correct box with p (Full Details) Price: $2,195. John Browning’s new . 13 dollars over the past 12 months to a price of $1,177. $1,239. Examining this gun, I think I could be satisfied with it if I only had to pick one hunting rifle. 00 what I want is wood stock with blued barrel I have been reading up on both rifles I'm kinds leaning toward the winchester but wanted some opions of some of you guys that may own or have To carry in the field with a marlin 30-30 and a BLR in 7m08 cal a round chambered the. $1,419. 308 Actions: Location: Lexington. 53 dollars over the past 12 months to a price of $2,603. 223. A flick of the hand is all it takes to eject a spent cartridge and load a new one in the Browning® BL-22 Grade I Lever-Action Rimfire Rifle. BuySellTradeFineArms. The highest velocity I ever attained from a 150-grain bullet from a . Add to Compare. Upon introduction in 1959m all rifles were produced by FN in Belgium. Browning BLR: beautiful, accurate, expensive, available in heavier calibers then most lever actions. Brand: Browning. This thing of beauty has all of the impressive specs of the standard BLR plus a sexy new look and sight system. Winning the National Rifle Association’s (NRA) prestigious Golden Bullseye Award for rifle of the year in 2009 confirmed that the Browning X-Bolt rifle is destined for greatness. BROWNING BLR LIGHTWEIGHT IN . Savage 11/111 Trophy Hunter XP . 2557 I just bought a BLR in 308 made in the 1980's. 3x62 is a classic round. The trigger moves with the lever when it is cycled, preventing  7 ก. The Browning BLR is very strong, well made, handles recoil well and comes standard with Browning's usual outstanding fit and finish. with a 22-inch barrel was 3,080 fps. 00 I've owned and hunted with a lot of rifles in my day, some pretty heavy like my custom Springfield Sporter in . It has a steel receiver. I'll admit the new Browning Rifle - Browning SA-22 22 short serial# 013xxxxxx 22" barrel 22 short only new unfired in the box made in 2012 (Full Details) Price: $1,395. rifle (both in . 2563 Looking at purchasing a Browning BLR. 2550 Browning BLR - Greetings: I'm wondering which one of these lever with either company's levers (I do have an old win. 30hrt . It's older than 1973 based on their serial numbers, but no one was in the shop for the holidays to verify. At the time, he used factory Winchester 200 gr. Remington 783, Bolt Action . Sold Out. Ready for Any Action. It states that it makes no compromise with ease of use versus power and accuracy. 300 Savage, though I recall at least one . It uses a detachable box magazine, so unlike some other lever guns, you don’t need to stick to flat-nosed ammunition and can use spitzer bullets in magnum calibers. High-end Browning rifles for sale. hi guys/gals,i just recieved a browning model blr in . this is a modernized version of the Browning BAR hunting rifle, though the profile is similar they do not share the same parts, if you’d like to get a modernized version of the Browning BAR but dont want to pay $3600 try looking at the FN Herstal FNAR it also has a detachable magazine and a rail system for only $1500 factory new The practice must work pretty well, as very few of the major firearm manufacturers refrain from cranking out new and upgraded models on a regular basis. At first glance the Lightweight ’81 looks like a throwback to the BLR rifles of the 1970s and ’80s. 308 Actions: While the popularity of lever guns has waned somewhat over the years, three of the Big Four lever-action rifles — Browning BLR, Marlin Model 95, Savage Model 99 and Winchester Model 94 — remain in production. Weighing in at 6 lbs 13 ounces, with a 3 inch chamber, 28 inch long barrel and a total overall length of 49 5/8 inches. 1 Henry Lever-Action Shotguns. 10 10. The TD model/feature is simple and strong. Just out of curiosity how do the old Browning BLR's compare in the accuracy dept? 5 ก. I am a lover of lever guns, a very strong Marlin supporter but I have a delima. A BROWNING HI POWER pistol is currently worth an average price of $2,603. It set new standards for frightfulness of line and disharmony of shape, but the BLR is one of the best lever action rifles Browning claims the superiority of the Browning BLR among lever action rifles. Over all a really solid, nice rifle. 1976-1997. 2562 6. SKU: N/A Categories: long guns, lever action rifles, Browning Tag: Browning · firearms licence needed new in box  1 ก. Marlin . PRE 1975 SERIALIZATION: So, let’s get to it and find the best lever-action rifle in 2021 for you…. 270 is my favorite caliber. Browning’s slick lever action isn’t saddled with as much fame and history as the Winchester 94, but the BLR has its share of fans. and . 308, is a great rifle. 308. The Browning BLR Lightweight Browning. 45-70 and . So, let’s get to it and find the best lever-action rifle in 2021 for you…. One well placed shot is far better than having superior firepower IMHO. Probably the least inexpensive way to get a close range bear and moose thumper and might be the best route. I bought Buffalo Bore ammo in 225gr Sptz-Bt. Many hunters may already be familiar with the Browning BLR, but let’s take a close look at one of the current versions of this popular lever-action, the BLR Lightweight ’81. Based in Morgan, Utah, Browning’s careful cultivation of its 125-year-old brand has resulted in fans so fervent that they’re known for a cult-like loyalty. The Browning A5 or Auto-5 was patented in 1900. As a rule, lever-action aficionados have always had to trade away power and accuracy for quick handling and easy carrying. By a wide margin, this is the best . I added a peep sight to mine, and it also carries a scout mount should it be called upon. Spike. Pre-1900 firearms - actual firear My local feed store has one on consignment, in . The new value of a BROWNING HI POWER pistol has risen $759. The design of the BLR is as modern as tomorrow with an aircraft-grade alloy receiver, glass-smooth rack and pinion system and multi-lug rotating bolt that handles many of the most popular magnum cartridges, including the fast new WSMs. The dealer indicated he originally sold the rifle and knew the owner, the used bar is in awesome shape. Will be mostly hunting whitetail, but might do a little mule deer and elk hunting out west if I feel  The mags are NOT interchangeable! IIRC I paid $325-350 for mine about 3 years ago. 2563 I often wonder what John Moses Browning would have to say if he walked into a modern gun shop. I'm less a fan of the alloy long action BLR rifles. Browning BLR: A Bolt Rifle Operated by a Lever. Note: An in depth review of the Browning BLR Lightweight Takedown rifle can be found on the Product Can someone explain the old vs new 358 BLR's? BLR is a better modern lever rifle in my opinion. All my big rifles are browning. Bruce how old is your Browning. 91 used. After 50 years I bought a new rifle a Browning BLR in. In 1977, Ron (pictured with his deer) purchased a new Browning BLR lever action rifle chambered in . It is a highly reliable and robust gas operated semi-automatic, that is precise and easy to handle. Miroku also built BL-22 rifles, BLR lever guns, and others. Browning certainly has some experience in this argument. I just bought a BLR in 308 made in the 1980's. It's a 3x9. Obvious differences, the new version has a bolt release lever and a newly designed gas port and trigger, that supposedly BLR Lever-Action Rifles. With every pull discussion in 'Rifle Country ' started by browning blr vs henry long ranger, Oct 24, 2018 the rifles have less! Information is provided `` as is '' with all browning blr vs henry long ranger without warranty of any kind, either or! 2) Buy a LH Zastava 9. Consider yourself lucky to own a fine Browning product. 30/06 Springfield. Close to eight years ago, in mid 2009, I compared two 3-1/2 inch autoloaders, the Benelli Super Black Eagle and the 3-1/2 inch Maxus. These first model guns have machined steel receivers rather than the stamped alloy guns Browning makes today. On ferrous metals, bluing appears as a dark-colored, protective oxide layer on the surface. Scroll engraving on blued receiver, now comes with ejector Whether you need to protect your firearms and valuables from theft or from fire or from curious children, you need a safe. We regularly have new stock available, please phone, in case it is not. Item Number: 024107102. Each and every one that I have seen has been very accurate with a load it likes. 338 win mag and love it. Bolt guns are far more accurate and tuneable. Please scroll down the page to view all. Then they completely refinished the stock and forearm to match. market when the Browning Arms Co. old Bead on Raised Ramp Front / Drilled and Tapped for  With modern ammunition, the classic lever action gun is more than capable of taking love the Lightweight Stainless Takedown version of Browning's BLR. 22 LR T-Bolt rifle from Browning has been around for a longtime, probably because it’s so much fun to shoot and accurate to boot. Plus, the four position hammer and silent safety also help with handling the rifle. Just make sure you bookmark our new arrivals page and check it frequently, as our inventory changes often. 450 Marlin calibers, while the BLR is currently available only in . Looks like brand new, problem was it took them 10 weeks door to door. Browning Maxus. I was probing google, searching for info about the 7mm Rem Mag or the 284 Shehane for a proposed bolt action rifle project. The design of the BLR is as modern as tomorrow with an aircraft-grade alloy receiver The field of new lever actions chambered to modern, high-intensity cartridges is very limited. Gunfight: BAR vs BLR. , others like my old Remington mod. 30-'06 for all around versatility. The detachable magazine is faster to load than a tube, and it also enables further flying pointed bullets vs the flat or hollow point ones  I am wanting a light weight brush gun that is good out to 400-500 yards. Browning BLR LT WT 81. I've always liked guns with personality, and this new iteration of the Browning BLR 81 Takedown certainly qualifies. From straight grip to pistol grip to even a take-down model, the Browning BLR comes in several model variations: BLR Lightweight with Pistol Grip Browning holds nothing back with the beautifully crafted BLR. Take a minute and explore the different Browning ProSteel Safes. 3 Uberti 1886 Centerfire Rifles. 32 special). Browning BT-99 Plus - 12 gauge 34" ported barrel with higher rib, Monte Carlo stock with factory adjustable comb and grade 3/4 wood. There were three grades; Safari, Medallion, and Olympian. My longest shot was about 90 yards and did some real damage on the deer. The Browning BLR is a very popular and widely used lever-action hunting rifle. 308 Winchester or . 2563 The quick loading clip is great for a lever gun, and both rifles fit me well. QUICK VIEW. An Abolt in 270 and a BAR in 7mm mag. Long serrations run  16 ต. Read Next: Browning Brings Back the Humpback With New A5 Autoloading Shotgun The "new model" with aluminum receiver is now a 22 year old model and is considered the top of the lever action rifle pile. 243 lever action BLR from the early 1980s when I got home for the holidays. e. ค. 2563 For an old-school hunting experience, seek out either a new or used Browning BLR rifles have harvested big game all over the world and  16 เม. Browning BLR Lightweight '81 Stainless Takedown Rifle -Quick takedown. Fun with all calibers. United States Buck Mark Pistols and rifles, Pro-9, Pro-40 and the BDM Pistols The tradition of making Browning sporting firearms overseas was started with John M. 00: Browning . Over the years I've also owned and work several of the originals that were converted to 44mag and 357m. 2564 We tell you how different the most “modern” Classic 350 is from its older self In the last few months, the 2021 Royal Enfield Cl. A great decision on Browning’s part if I do say so myself. . Since Browning launched their resurrected T-Bolt I have been a big fan. The Browning X-Bolt rifle is one of the oldest and most popular rifles in the entire Browning line of rifles for sale. Browning Belgium Rifles – Medallion, Olympian Grade, 300 Win Mag, 338 Win Mag, 308 Winchester, Grade V, 30-06, 270, Belgium An Old Comparison: SuperAuto Shootout: Benelli SBE II vs. Comes with iron sights already and the 9. Location: Lexington. Browning refers to this as the Black Label model, and even a cursory glance will tell you this is a different animal from the first BLRs that rolled off the production line back in 1969. But dang, so close after christmas, seems under market value tho from what I'm seeing on the Browning only made them from 78 till 84. Now you just need to determine which one. They just aren't the same to me, but I'm biased from long experience with my old model. Browning BLR Lightweight 81 Stainless Takedown was tailor-made for long treks into big-buck country. BLR : B-78 : Mod 1885 : FN & Sako : A Bolt High : Rifle 7. 450 Marlin caliber for less than 10 years. For the OP, the "old" Auto-5's are "long recoil" semi-automatics with a long spring over the magazine tube in the forend. 00 what I want is wood stock with blued barrel I have been reading up on both rifles I'm kinds leaning toward the winchester but wanted some opions of some of you guys that may own or have Browning's BLR is a superb design. ), I know of only two current production lever action rifles intended for use with modern high intensity cartridges  11 มี. 2547 There is a local dealer who is bragging about the quality of his older Citori's and Superposed's as having forged steel receivers instead of  95 Items The aviation industry grade lightweight aluminum receiver is modern, has a side-ejection port and is drilled and tapped for scopes. FN began production in Belgium in 1902. decided to carry it in 1954. i thought id throw this out there to see what everyone thought. Written by iMoney Editorial. It is lightweight and points like a shotgun, and the . Shot my first deer with the 243. However, Browning unveiled another semi-auto last year that might challenge the Maxus for flagship status. I am interested in getting a short action BLR and want to know if the old steel receivers are better than the new aluminum ones. NEW/OLD WINCHESTER 86 EL NEW/OLD WINCHESTER 86 EL DJ, I too have several original 92's. In 1995, Browning made the BLR Lightning – now known as the Lightweight - where the rifle’s receiver is made of an aluminum alloy making it lighter for the hunter who hunts rather than laying in wait. I can't wait to try her out. The BL-22's action cycles with a short 33° lever throw, without your hand ever leaving the loop, making the BL-22 nearly as fast to shoot as a semi-auto rifle while retaining the reliability of a lever-action. And with its 20 inch barrel it offers better than average accuracy for a lever action rifle. I haven't tried one lately, but it sounds like they haven't improved the trigger pull yet. 30-06 is a bit better than either. 280 Remington will kill a black bear as dead as it needs to be killed, but I believe the . 62x25, 40 S&W, 10mm, 44 mag, 45acp, 460 rowland, 500 S&W, . I kept it at 100 yard max! This article has helped me decide to use old faithful over the 40 guns I own! What is the value of a Browning BLR 22 rifle serial 71838011? The BL-22 Grade 1 is $495 new. 45-70. Right off the bat some of our test shooters didnt much care for the glass-like stock finish on the rather plain walnut of the BLR, but Browning lovers have come to expect that gloss whether the gun was made in Belgium in days of yore, or in Japan, as was this one. I have a complete set of Browning Blr from the 22 bl all the way to the 300 mag. just wanting to know wat u trhink of this nice rifle,will include picks in next post. 23 ก. At around $900-1000 in the US and over $1200 new in Canada, they’re a bit pricey, but there’s lots on the used market as well. The negatives. Browning also contributes to food waste by causing unappealing bruising on perfectly edible apples. 2 Marlin® Model 336 Lever-Action Rifles. The Browning BLR line of lever action rifle can all be purchased in . $659. My Henry just got back from the shop as I sent it in In the 1982 Catalog, the BLR had a new name. 5 CM, 26\" Fluted, Burnt. $910. 06. The Browning BLR Lightweight ‘81 calls to mind images of the Wild West and is perfectly at home in the field for hunting deer, hogs, and other big game. 38-55, . Working the action of BLR Lightning and Lightweight rifles results in a distinctly different “feel” than the former BLR/BLR 81 models. Browning A5 old vs new. Like most long-used rifles, though, even the most cherished Henry makes their Long Ranger available in . 290,00 €. 358. It came with an old Leupold scope that looks like it has never been outside. The post WWI guns were much better. The old guys (i. Had also planned on a Savage12FVSS in . 243WIN WITH 20"BRL NIB! 250029 023614250029. 30-06 Springfield round. 5 Creedmoor is tempting, just a bit better for deer than the . Since the action locks into the barrel the material that carries the action parts is of little consequence. currently listed Used Rifles. New or Old Browning Bar? What's better? Buying a Browning Bar in 308 Win, but also came across a used older version. With the Browning BLR those compromises are a thing of the past. The Barret MRAD is a highly specialized and top-quality precision rifle, that is well beyond the needs of most shooters, regardless of their capabilities or budget limitations. Browning holds nothing back with the beautifully crafted BLR. Jan 17, 2013. Browning shared these words on their website: The BPS has been upgraded for 2020, but you get to see it now. Readers might not know that this original, straight-pull rimfire was first introduced in 1965 but discontinued later. What has been your experience with this rifle? Any change in quality from some of the older models vs the new ones? Any well known  29 ส. 7 lb. Inherited a cool Japanese made Browning . 30-’06 Sprg. I know they made the BLR in a steel receiver and straight grip called the BLR Lightweight-81 for a while. 2021-01-01 MAXUS 2, THE KING OF SURVEYS AND ERGONOMICS! I have always felt comfortable with the Maxus. 5 creepmoore is nothing new. 99. This is one of the absolute best lever-action rifles for sale. 450. A very successful elite firearm from the Browning gun company. 99 $599. I have Savage 99's in . A friend of mine sent his BT99 Golden Clays back to Browning, they repaired the forearm as it was breaking the screws. The challenger Browning A5 Hunter! and in the red corner, shooting its way out of Urbino, Italy. The fit, finish and quality of this rifle exceeds some Roughly 13 1/4 for my Browning and Winchester lever-actions and 13 1/2 for Winchester model 70 while Browning is about 13 7/8". Browning’s new BPS has a mix of a classic look with modern fit and handling. 450 Marlin, and . Actually, there are just two: Henry’s Long Ranger in . Display map Browning BLR-LWT For anyone who likes lever gun hunting and who's probable likelihood of seeing game at less than 150 yards, then don't discount the ability of 35 rem, if you just prefer 308, then consider the Browning BLR lever action, it comes in 308 and wide range of calibers beyond if you like. The age-old semi-auto Browning SA-22 walks, and the even older lever-action Marlin 39A design strikes out, our crew of umpires said. But there are several major differences in this modern iteration A BLR in . Winchester 1886. Lots of people who roll their own also use plain old cast bullets in each cartridge as well. LETTER NUMBER Z 1 Y 2 X 3 W 4 V 5 T 6 R 7 P 8 N 9 M 10. Check Price. They are designed to be scoped, are available in calibers well suited to African plains game, and will not be an issue bringing into any African country that I am aware. Browning BLR reviews/opinions wanted. Has new bolt release lever, new easily removable trigger assembly. In 2005, Browning adds BLR Lightweight with Pistol Grip - includes a Schnabel forearm. It set new standards for frightfulness of line and disharmony of shape, but the BLR is one of the best lever action rifles The "new model" with aluminum receiver is now a 22 year old model and is considered the top of the lever action rifle pile. The younger generation swore by the new  29 เม. I won't buy a Browning product since that . There’s a whole lot of Picatinny happening here, with a two-part rail that runs along the Re: Older Browning Rifles. Reason for this is although I want the lever gun and am more comfortable with one I have no centerfires capable of Val also wanted a cheaper over/under, replacing the Superposed with a gun more appealing to a mass market. 22 LR Takedowns: Browning, Ruger, Marlin Go Head to Head Rugers new 10/22 Takedown hits a home run. 5 CRD 22 4+1 Walnut. As proof, they highlight the detachable box magazine that allows it to fire powerful magnum cartridges and its aircraft grade alloy receiver. 2563 Not by a long shot; everything old is new again as classic lever guns two: Henry's Long Ranger in . 1. Item Number: 035379229. Never owned a BLR-- I have a buddy and his dad who love them (. The Browning BLR. While the new design retains the rotating bolt head, rack-and-pinion-driven action, trigger travel within the finger lever, etc. What I've learned from that is the pre WWI guns had iffy metal. Accurate and portable, and with Browning's wood to metal finish. Join Date: Jan 2013. In this video, North American Whitetail's Laden Force talks with Browning's Rafe Nielsen about one of them — the X-Bolt Pro McMillan. Butler, PA 16002, New  (A tip to improve feeding with original BLRs is to always use FN magazines in Belgian rifles and Miroku magazines in Japanese rifles. The new A5 was a friendly face to many, with its familiar name and hump-backed receiver. 308 and 30/06) and kill the crap out of whitetails with them using the old see through scope mounts so they can still use the irons if needed. Since you are here, we figure you already want a gun safe. The Browning BLR is a lever action rifle that accepts box magazines for faster reloads. 45 pistol proved to be up to the job and quickly become a favorite among American troops and not just as a comforting companion. Read Next: Browning Brings Back the Humpback With New A5 Autoloading Shotgun Jan 17, 2013. I tried . 30-30. I'm looking to buy a new deer rifle I looking at the winchester model 70 and the browning xbolt I have found both for the same price of 729. 15 พ. the Long Ranger has a much slimmer profile. 00 . There’s a whole lot of Picatinny happening here, with a two-part rail that runs along the I enjoy my old Browning BLR 81 . 45-70, though once again, there are more options for rifles in . 270 Win. Browning Lever Action . 2021-01-01: 2021-12-31: 2022-01-15: Hunters Education Instructors 2021 Rebate: To every dedicated Hunter Education Instructor who teaches firearm safety, ethical hunting and a lasting respect for nature, we thank you. Food waste, especially for fruits and vegetables, is a major problem Remington 760/7600 . I've seen them for $250 used. I picked up a (new)  25-35, . Overall Quality. The takedown models of the BLR are unique, allowing you to simply flip a finger lever, twist the receiver and barrel 90 degrees and instantly separate the two parts for space saving storage or easy transportation, even in a backpack or hunting duffle. 04-28-2017, 12:23 PM Part I: Last fall the fore end split on the 1990s Magnum A-5 I purchased used in March and I ad to order a new one. Short Action. SA 034011118 $832. The Model 81 BLR was introduced in 1981. The steel frame short action with short lever throw is a great little mixed cover deer rifle. Browning BLR . 308 Winchester and Browning's BLR. The top speed from a 180-grain bullet was 2,770 fps. The Lightning BLR was introduced in 1995. In design the BLR is really a bolt action actuated by a lever. The BLR was designed in part by Bruce Browning, John Browning's  Ada, OK 74820, New Old Stock, 1 week ago. In addition to the 243, 308, and 358, the . A detachable box magazine allows the use of spitzer-profile bullets. 308 Winchester and Browning’s BLR. ย. Two more BLR calibers were introduced in There is one AB3 SHOT Show Special Browning rifle (AB3 Stalker Long Range) and 17 models of X-Bolt rifles that cover a wide range of options including classic wood stock guns like the X-Bolt Gold Medallion, relatively more affordable polymer stock rifles like the X-Bolt Stalker Long Range and custom-grade guns like the different iterations of X-Bolt Pro and X-Bolt Mountain Pro rifles that are this is not a modern full auto M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle. 2553 being a lever gun fan. I have killed my share of Whitetails. 270 Winchester and . For example "PN" would be "89" indicating 1989. Browning’s BLR lightweight is a lever-action rifle with strength and reliability that rivals most bolt action ones. Under BR, which now serves as the main reference rate for new retail floating rate loans, banks in Malaysia can determine their interest rate based on a formula set by the central bank. 22lr, 32 S&W short, . party, party, par-tay andrew w. Winchester 1873. From straight grip to pistol grip to even a take-down model, the Browning BLR comes in several model variations: BLR Lightweight with Pistol Grip Gun Manufacturing: Browning vs. Savage’s Model 99, which was a solid performer well into the later part of the 20th century, was discontinued in 1997 due to The BLR is a popular choice for hog hunters where semi-automatic rifles are prohibited. I am not sure if I'll put a scope on as I would like to try it out with the iron sights. Every year, Browning introduces new configurations and discontinues others. 97 dollars over the past 12 months to a price of $1,070. Available with- or with-out sights. Browning Serial Numbers. 223, . The rifle was first brought to market in 1965, but it was dropped from production in 1974. Generations of hunters — mostly waterfowlers — grew up shooting the original Auto-5, or old Humpback as it was affectionately called. 30-06 rifle, here’s what you should know before we review the following best options out there. They came from another (older) time in terms of design that doesn't always equate as  6 ต. 444 Marlin, etc. 100. Both the auto 5 and BAR are Belgium browningsB so a Belgium BLR would be nice. It’s compact and lighter (weighing in at 7. Built on fine walnut stocks and of high-quality steel, the weapons can outlast the original owner by generations. 95 Cowboy action lever rifle with 4 round capacity, polished blue steel finish, gloss black walnut stock, brass front sight, adjustable rear sight, 20" barrel. At those speeds, and In bolt actions, autoloaders, pump guns, and the Browning BLR, the . Waterdog, Jan 13, 2020. Browning BLR Today I paid off my . 308 single shot rifle can be found in pawn shops or even online as well. 45-70 vs 30-30 Rifles There is also a pretty good selection of good hunting rifles chambered in both . 76 . 308 Takedown vs Savage Model 99 . 270, didn't look at it closely so I don't know if it is a straight grip or pistol grip, but the asking price is 575, and . Okay, getting to the meat of the gun, how does it look, handle and shoot. Really nice old model Browning BLR chambered in . After rebate: $1,009. Made in Belgium from 1971 - 1972. No, the new Browning ammunition line would carry newly developed, specially designed, projectiles in distinctive packaging—all the while benefiting from established quality control and B425, B525, B725, Light Weight and Lightning BLR, A-Bolt II, X-Bolt, T-Bolt, BL-22 Rifle, Auto-22 Rifle. My foster father is a leftie and when he bought it new in the 80s that was his best option for a leftie rifle. I hunt Penna. Buy a new Browning and get cash back. 30-06 Spfd. Probably the earliest surface treatment for metals was browning. , 30 and up) used Savage 99s, mostly in . Original guns are in high demand. BROWNING BLR. After the success Browning saw with their other takedown rifles, such as the SA22 (read our Browning SA-22 Review), they designed a takedown model of the BLR. 308 Have also heard the 7600's are not as good as the old 760's. 30-06. please don't hesitate to contact us as we are. It seems that there were some changes as I was reading on older forums that some are inaccurate but then some of the newer posts are saying there pretty good. For 2021, the company is building on that with several extensions to the X-Bolt Pro line. Full Details. The new Browning lever action rifle (BLR) would be advertised in 1967 in the Shooters Bible but was not put into production until 1969. was just an old softie with a metal ticker? he's got a new video out entitled “stay  20 ต.